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This part of the Climate- Eval Website is designed to give members and interested people the opportunity to get a better insight into the already published video and audio material as well as webinars. These were all contributions made from the Climate-Eval Community over the last months and will be updated continuously.

Monika Egger Kissling, SDC

The conference brings together evaluation professionals, academics, policymakers and other stakeholders from developed and developing countries with the purpose of fostering the exchange of ideas and methods to evaluate climate change and sustainable development.

The conference is a follow-up to the first international conference which was held in Alexandria, Egypt, in 2008. Over 200 attendees participated in that conference which resulted in creation of the Climate-Eval community of practice, and the publication of the authoritative book, ”Evaluating Climate Change and Development”, that was the first one focusing on the topic.

Samuel Dunyale Braimah, AfrEA

“It is time for evaluators to examine whether what has been put in place and ask if what we are working on is yielding fruitful results,” says Samuel Dunyale Braimah from the African Evaluation Association.

“The change in mindset is already happening,” he adds. “People realise we cannot do business as usual, we have to do things differently.”

Timo Leiter, GIZ

Large donor governments need to understand how their funds are being used and if they are effective ways of financing change, says Timo Leiter from GIZ, the German government’s development arm.

“Because the donors are spending a lot of money they are looking – for example with adaptation – they are delivering results and can answer the question: are people becoming less vulnerable?”

2014 International Conference on Evaluating Climate Change and Development

Rob D. van den Berg, President of International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS), introduces the 2nd International Conference on Evaluating Climate Change and Development

Evaluation of Climate Change as a Key Development Issue

Indran Naidoo, Director of UNDP Evaluation Office, talks about evaluation of climate change as a key development issue.

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Climate-Eval Tweets

Recent Webinars

Webinar on the Climate-Eval Good Practice Study on Principles for Indicator Development, Selection, and Use in Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Indicators are an essential part of any M&E system to help it capture signs of progress. A key challenge with indicators is to ensure both their quality and integrity. Are the indicators generating data that is necessary and useful?  And does this data also correctly represent the progress of the intervention?

Webinar on Tracking Progress for Effective Action- Presenting a Framework for M&E Adaptation to Climate Change

Introduction to climate change adaptation M&E: the M&E Navigator

Timo Leiter, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), presented the navigator of approaches for monitoring and evaluation of climate change adaptation.