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Feb 03, 2014
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February 03, 2014 edition
Note from Moderator

First of all, welcome to our new website. Key features of the new site include: a re-organized electronic depository of about 400 evaluations of climate change and natural resources management, a section designed mainly to facilitate interaction before, during and after the 2014 international conference which Climate-Eval via the GEF IEO will organize in the months aheadm, a community page which offers our members the opportunity to engage via our active 2000-member strong Linkedin discussion forum, Twitter platform and You Tube and a more inviting pages.

In keeping to the consultative spirit of our Climate-Eval community of practice, we are delighted to inform you that we will soon commission an Indicators for Climate Change Adaptation study and a Meta Evaluation of Evaluations of Climate Change and Natural Resources Management. As in our previous studies, your input was really valuable and made a difference in the final product. In this same regard, we will appreciate your views and perspective on the current iteration of the approach paper. Please email us your comments
Also, we are stepping up plans for the 2014 international conference on evaluation of climate change and natural resources management. We sent out an announcement inviting applications from members to join the steering committee. Should you be interested and think you can bring some positive energy to achieve a successful conference? Click here to view selection criteria.

Enjoy the read!


David Akana
Community Moderator
email: climate-eval


As you have heard from us for a while now, central to the second phase of Climate-Eval activities is the broadening of the thematic focus to include natural resources management (NRM) and the introduction of new studies. We are starting with two studies (a) Indicators to Climate Change study and a Meta Evaluations of Evaluations of Climate Change and Natural Resources Management. We have sent out approach papers out on our various communication channels and will appreciate your ideas and thoughts. To read the approach paper click on the following links:

Comparative Study of Ten Climate Change Adaptation M&E
This comparative analysis titled Monitoring and Evaluating Adaptation at Aggregated Level: A Comparative Analysis of Ten Systems examines ten different M&E systems in both industrialized and developing countries.

A toolkit to develop advocacy strategies to strengthen an enabling environment for evaluation
According to Marco Segone, one of the editors of this toolkit, “while technical evaluation capacities are paramount to produce high-quality evaluative evidence, an enabling environment for evaluation is necessary to ensure it is actually used for decision-making.

Strengthening Impact Evaluation in Natural Resources Management
Evaluating the impact of complex natural resources management programs presents methodological challenges to traditional impact evaluation designs and methods.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Adaptation in Nepal
Produced by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), this case study acknowledges the evolution of M&E in Nepal over the past decade.


Monitoring and Reporting on the CIF Pilot Program for Climate Resilience

In 2013 the first Round of Monitoring and Reporting on the CIF Pilot Program for Climate Resilience took place. PPCR Pilot Countries retroactively established their baselines and reported expected results.


Photo of the Month


Research sites for Standard Assessment of Mitigation Potential and Livelihoods in Smallholder Systems (SAMPLES) in Nyando, Kenya. Photo Credit: CGIAR

Blogs and Features

Is climate change aid promoting greenhouse gas emissions?
Does the GEF reward "polluters" as has been claimed by some critics? In his latest blog published on Climate-Eval, Rob D. van den Berg writes that the Global Environment Facility Independent Evaluation Office (GEF IEO) has concluded "that it is not true"


New Report Calls for Private Sector Investment in Climate Adaptation
This 40 page report titled, Climate Adaptation: Seizing the Challenge, has as main goal, assisting decision-makers in the public and private sectors gain a better understanding of climate adaptation.


Looking Forward

February 7: Deadline for Applications to Join Steering Committee of 2014 International Conference
The GEF IEO is currently seeking a member of Climate-Eval as representative in the Steering Committee which is currently working on the 2014 International Conference on Evaluation of Climate Change and Natural Resources Management.

Q & A

Q: What is the purpose of Meta Evaluations?
A: The purpose of a meta-evaluation is to assess the quality of a thematic group of evaluations, and subsequently to suggest improvements. 


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