Climate-Eval strength lies in our state-of-the-art studies on evaluating climate change and natural resources management. As the premier CoP in this area, we strive to provide innovative tools, guidelines and framework to evaluate climate change and natural resources management. We have so far produced three cutting edge studies – which you can visit below. We are also planning to produce four more on the nexus between climate adaptation and natural resources management.

Guidelines to Climate Mitigation Evaluations

By: Dr. Christine Wörlen

The guidelines for climate mitigation evaluations are intended to clarify some of the persistent evaluation and measurement issues associated with climate mitigation interventions. The Climate-Eval Community of Practice is hosted by the Evaluation Office of the Global Environment Facility. The online platform houses an electronic library which has a collection of more than 500 evaluations on the project, program, policy and

Meta-Evaluation of Climate Mitigation Evaluations

By: Dr. Christine Wörlen

The study is a systematization of the barrier removal framework, and an attempt to frame it as a general program theory of climate mitigation interventions. Christine applied the framework to two case studies, namely energy efficiency in Thailand and the heat utilities in Poland to capture the issues in the case studies' sector transformation. The framework tries to explain why some projects are unsuccessful in effecting behavior change.

Case studies

Framework for Monitoring and Evaluation of Adaptation to Climate Change

By: Sanahuja, Haris

There are three parts of the report with numerous sub-sections and appendices. In Part One, the functional structure of the framework is laid forth, primarily. Following, a background context is set with a general review of much of the present thinking, in terms of conceptual discussions. Further, Part One looks at common visions and overall methodologies related to M&E for ACC. Part Two examines key challenges and opportunities for monitoring and evaluating adaptation to climate change